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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Do you make New Year's resolutions? Do you keep them?

Up until 2014 I really hadn't made many, and the few I did make I never managed to keep - lose weight, get organized, etc. Then toward the end of 2013 I saw a Facebook post about writing the things you were grateful for on slips of paper and putting them in a jar. Well, I've tried doing gratitude journals before and never lasted much beyond a week or two. So I thought I'd try posting what I was grateful for on Facebook, but that idea seemed rather boring. Then I had an epiphany - I'd post a picture of something I was grateful for every day for a year.

Here's what I posted on January 1, 2014. My best friend and love of my life, my husband of over 42 years.

Over the year I've posted pictures of people, places, and things. Some days the choice was easy, others I had to scramble to find a photo. If you're interested in seeing some of them, you can check out my Facebook page.

Today 2014 ends and so does my Gratitude Photo Journal. It's been an interesting experience. In 2015 I'll continue to post photos of the people, places, and things in my life that give me joy (and sometimes grief,) but not on a daily basis.

Only a few hours left in 2014, so I'll leave you with my final photo.

Now I have to figure out what to do for 2015. Any suggestions?

Elysa Hendricks

Monday, December 22, 2014

99cts Archangel Crusader by Vijaya Schartz

For a limited time only, CRUSADER (Archangel Book One) is 99cts in kindle.
Paranormal fantasy science Fiction with romantic elements 

Michael Tanner, proud, brash, irreverent, half Native American, and single father, doesn't believe in aliens. When a Blue Angel claims to have fathered him, Michael knows his drinking has gone haywire... But a seductive Prince of Darkness born of a nightmare now targets Michael’s family. When his girlfriend disappears and characters from his dreams suddenly materialize to threaten his daughter, Michael must come out of denial and overcome his weaknesses, to face the unbelievable mystery of his birth and fulfill his unique destiny.

"Brilliant! A must-read book! ...relationships, angels, aliens and seduction... even Satanism... kept this reviewer riveted... compelling fantasy... you won't want to put it down... superior... enthralls, and, at the same time, awakens!" Richard Fuller, Metaphysical Reviews - Five Stars
"Crusader tells an age-old tale of good versus evil. Excellent. This one is a true keeper. Schartz pens a mighty fine tale primed to read through in one sitting"  Brenda Ramsbacher. Curled Up With a Good Book - Five Stars

"...engaging and fast-paced... a harmonious mix of enticing story... where real people do extraordinary things... humorous and hopeful... fluid and entertaining... quick and often droll dialogue... a marvelous tale of good and evil..." The Charlotte Austin Review - Five Stars

If you haven't read it yet, don't miss it, this price won't last. Book 2 in the Archangel series is CHECKMATE.

Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

Vijaya Schartz
 Romance with a Kick
 FaceBook  -  Twitter

Friday, December 19, 2014

Sci-Fi Romance On Terra Firma

Science-fiction can take the form of time travel...but sometimes the result is a little closer to the earth.

Mid-Century Mayhem is the start of a 4 book series that will take the reader from 1950s Detroit to Gothic backwoods in the 1970s to a Regency ballroom in the 1810s and beyond--all via wormholes, alternate realities, and the space-time continuum.

Modern day Nashville and 1950s Detroit clash worse than an IKEA futon and a plaid Barcalounger when a free-spirited interior designer and a strait-laced automotive engineer find themselves in another time. TOMS-wearing Olivia Haugen and Madras-shirted Kyle Daniels have no idea why they've ended up in 1954 Michigan, but it's probably not because of all the swank mid-century furnishings. Discovering the reason might have something to do with a wily salvage warehouse owner and her not-so-little shop of secrets.

If you'd like to read this Kindle book for free (and pretty please leave an honest review when you're done), shoot me an email and I'll send you a Kindle copy. Below is an excerpt from the first chapter to see if you don't mind your SFR on terra firma. :)

excerpt by Bella Street
All Rights Reserved

“Oh, my dear, this is beyond anything I could ever imagine!”
Olivia Haugen smiled, ignoring the wistful tightening in her chest. She watched as her latest client, Mrs. Prescott, moved about the renovated room, be-ringed hands clasped in delight.
“The colors, the tones, the accessories...” The woman motioned toward a massive sunburst mirror positioned on the brick expanse above the fireplace. “How did you ever find such a piece? It ties the whole space together!”
Olivia deepened her smile until her face ached. “Oh, I have my connections.”
It was always the same. After pouring herself into an interior design project for weeks—sometimes months—she experienced a letdown at what should've been the biggest moment of the job.
The Reveal.
And yet here she stood with another satisfied customer, fighting a feeling of dissatisfaction.
It was all very silly. Olivia didn't know of another person as fortunate as she'd been. She'd had a prosperous and cultured upbringing, and now her new business was humming along without the growth plateaus most other entrepreneurs experienced.
She had a growing list of customers.
She had a great apartment in Franklin—a jeweled hamlet just outside Nashville.
She had...Troy.
Her eye twitched as she thought of her boyfriend.
Olivia remembered seeing him just that morning, splayed out on the couch. He must've come in late from his gig and didn't want to disturb her. The light filtering through the kitchen shades had lit up the bangles on his arm draped across his eyes.
She touched the bracelets on her wrist. He really was terribly good looking.
“You know,” Mrs. Prescott said, smoothing a wayward hair back into her updo, “I have a friend who is really into this whole mid-century trend. She'll want a lot more than a retro mirror or lamp. She's a huge Mad Men fan, and has been talking about redoing her entire house in the fifties style. She could really use someone with your connections. Can I give her your number?”
“Absolutely,” Olivia said, extracting a fresh business card from her many-pocketed binder. “Shows like Mad Men have been great for business.”
“I bet!” Mrs. Prescott said, taking the card. “But I'll stick with the modern day, thank you very much. A fifties touch here and there is one thing, but I'm not hoping for a return of machismo, suburban sprawl, and girdles any time soon!”
Olivia bit her lip. The Prescotts lived in an Inglewood bungalow—that had started out as a post-war suburban tract home.
How time changed perspectives.
“I draw the line at girdles,” Olivia said. “However, Spanx are another thing entirely.”
Mrs. Prescott giggled. “How right you are.”
After another turn around the renovated living room—and a bank check for the balance of the job—Olivia left the Prescott home. Instead of returning to her apartment, she headed to Connie's Collectibles & Salvage on Third Avenue South—an odds and ends salvage warehouse where she found the bulk of her conversation piece items—including sunburst mirrors.
Olivia didn't dwell on her unsettled feelings as she drove. She knew the shop's proprietor, Constance Presley, would cheer her up with an amusing insult or two—and want to hear all about the client's response to the mirror. The older woman (who disavowed any relation to her famous namesake) had become less of a materials contact and more of a friend over the last few years. Olivia tried to purchase the bulk of her items from Constance, rather than shop all the other salvage shops and yards in the area. Loyalty was combined with the fact that Constance simply had the most outstanding inventory she'd ever seen in one place. And when Olivia needed a special piece, somehow Constance was able to come up with something perfect every time.
Squat brick buildings—some crumbling and some renovated—lined the narrow streets as Olivia wended her way toward the warehouse. Yellow sunshine washed the eclectic scene with a mellow glow, even as dark thunderclouds piled up over the Cumberland River.
Olivia parked on a side street and left the air-conditioned chill of her car for the heavy humidity of a Tennessee summer day. By the time she opened the beat-up wood and leaded glass door of Connie's Collectibles & Salvage, she was dabbing at sweat above her lip with the back of her hand and wondering if her Scandinavian blood would ever acclimate to the near-tropical heat of the South.
Probably not, if the natives complain as much as I do about the weather.
The door alarm—an electronic version of Elvis' “Hard Headed Woman”—heralded her arrival as she stepped into the dim gloom of the shop, along with a brief sneezing fit due to years of accumulated dust coating the space.
“Bless you,” came a gravelly voice from the back room.
Olivia squinted as the bulk of the proprietor came into view. Constance shuffled toward her, a stray ray of dusty light gilding her sallow, wrinkled face and grumpy smile.
“Cleaning lady didn't show again?” Olivia asked, after another sneeze.
“It's your allergies,” Constance said, leaning her arms on the front counter that had once been a tavern bar. She peered at Olivia over the rims of her smudged bifocals.
They both knew a cleaning lady was fictional, but Olivia hoped she might take the hint one of these years. How Constance could survive in the musty old building was a mystery. Then again, Olivia could admit she felt as at home here as anywhere else.
“Hey, Miss Olivia.”
Olivia waved at Henry, the nineteen-year-old sole employee, before he returned to the back of the warehouse—his red hair lit from the skylight overhead.
She leaned on the other end of the counter and eased out a sigh. “The client loved the mirror. Said it tied the whole design together.”
“Of course it did,” Constance said dryly. “That's why you get paid to find such treasures.”
“Well, if I get this next job, I'm going to need a whole lot more of those treasures.”
“Hope it's Victorian this time. I got a ton of the frou-frou stuff takin' up space in the back that I need to move.”
“Mid-century. A total house redo.”
Constance groaned. “Everyone wants mid-century. It's partly due to that damn Mad Men show. I wonder if people realize it's set in the sixties, not the fifties.”
“Really? I didn't know that.” Olivia pulled a stick of tangerine-flavored lip balm from her front pocket and applied it with relish.
Constance rolled her eyes. “How can you do period design and not know your history?”
Olivia smacked her lips together—knowing it probably annoyed her friend. “I know all the period designers. I know the right look and how to achieve it. Besides, I let the house tell me what it wants.”
“You do not,” Constance said, sounding scandalized.
“Yes, I do. I close my eyes and ask the house to give me inspiration.”
“I thought your business name was just some silliness to get attention.”
It was Olivia's turn to be scandalized. “Nice.”
“You know what I mean,” Constance grumbled. “Anyway, you do whatever the client wants.”
“But I also get guidance from the house.”
Constance grunted. “What if the house tells you it wants Parisian bordello?”
“It's not like that. The style of the house is a big part of inspiration, but I get the vibe of the family—”
“And how much they can afford.”
Olivia sent her friend a dark look. “But when it comes to colors, tones, themes... that's what I get from the house.”
“So the walls actually talk and tell you their favorite colors?”
“Well, sometimes I do get a sense of what the history of the house is.”
“History,” Constance said sounding unconvinced. “You mean when it was built—or the secrets that happened inside?”
Olivia considered her answer. “Not secrets, per se, but I can often tell if something sad happened there. Or if the house is full of peace.”
You sound full of something, all right.”
“Classy,” Olivia said with a sniff.
“Admit it, you primarily go by whatever the homeowner wants.”
“Of course, Miss No Romance In Your Soul.”
Naturally, Constance smiled at that. “I bet people who have ranch homes often want Victoriana, and people in trailers want Hollywood Glam.”
Olivia tucked the lip balm in the front pocket of her jeans. “I may have had a few of those jobs in the past. What can I say? I had to pay the bills.”
Constance nodded. “People want what they want, and I have a theory that says it has more to do with emotion than something they saw on Pinterest.”
“Sounds like you're coming around to my way of thinking.”
Constance waved the notion away as if it were a bothersome fly. “Do you ever ask yourself why design themes and motifs are attached to eras?”
“Sounds like a college class I once took,” Olivia said. “An era can define the design, right? Like the Arts and Crafts movement was a protest to the Industrial Age...or something like that.” She wrinkled her nose. “Actually, I'm not sure I passed that class.”
“Cute. But you need context. Design can't be disconnected from history. Ask yourself why Mid-Century Modern is defined by sunbursts and clean lines and chrome.”
Olivia figured it was a trick question, and at the same time wondered why her friend was badgering her with a random history lesson. Constance usually complained about politics and the weather. “Um, the space-age thing happening at the time?”
“That's part of it. There's also the desire for a clean slate after a hard-fought war. Plus, technology was happening at an unheard-of pace. Plastics and insecticides were prolonging life for millions—”
“Plastic and pesticides? Are you serious?”
“They helped bring about the longevity and prosperity that allows us to indulge in organics and all that natural nonsense today.”
Olivia grimaced. “You're not making sense.”
“What I'm saying is that for you—for everyone born—history starts at the moment they become aware of their own perceptions. The past is discounted. Everything is about today.”
“I thought we were talking about the past.”
Constance raised a brow. “The past as you see it—not so much as it really was. Take it a step further. Why do certain era's styles trend decades later? Why is the stuff I once couldn't give away worth hundreds or thousands now?”
“TV shows?”
“That show just capitalized on what was going to happen, trend-wise, anyway.”
“Then you must mean nostalgia.”
“I mean nostalgia,” Constance said, “which is based on emotion. Sometimes it's a timing thing. People in their forties and fifties start remembering the 'good old days' of their youth and want the comfort of that style surrounding them. The world is changing so fast and even if the good old days weren't so good, they are still more bearable than the unknown.”
“But it's not like clockwork.”
“Naw, it's a bit more free-form than that. Plus there are the skipped eras. I mean, no one wants a redo of the eighties.”
Olivia laughed. “I think there was some flirtation, but it didn't last.”
“That just proves my point. Sometimes trends are psychological. The eighties were a time of transition, fortunes rose and fell, there was a cold war, and it all felt very uncohesive. Makes sense—aside from its overblown style—that there's not a huge demand to return to those days. But in the 1950s, the country was booming. We'd just won a world war, and there was a new opportunity for prosperity. Everyone was thinking positive. There was a can-do spirit. Look at economic times now and you can see why there's a longing for times when things were lookin' up.”
Constance peered over the rim of her glasses. “Are you listening to anything I'm saying?”
“Of course.”
The shop owner snorted.
Olivia clapped her hands together. “Regardless of the reason behind the trends, I know you won't let me down when it comes to period pieces.”
“I'm tellin' you, you're not the only one after those pieces. Buyers been cleaning me out all year. Prices are up, too, due to demand. And, frankly, I'm gettin' too old to go traipsing around after the stuff.”
“Well, I don't have the redecorating job yet,” Olivia said. “Just a lead.”
Constance went around to the other side of the counter and pulled out a large black binder. “Give me a list of everything you might need and I'll see what I can do.”
“Like I said, I don't have the job.” Olivia picked up a pen and approached the pages of the binder. Constance often kept a wish list for her regular customers, and Olivia had a whole section devoted to her personal requests. Spinning the binder around, she wrote: Mid-Mod inventoryall of it.
Constance grunted when she read the flourish-y writing. “Very droll.” Slapping the binder closed, she said, “You might need to start trolling Craigslist and eBay, and see if you can supplement your needs from online inventory. And you know there are other shops in Nashville.”
“You haven't let me down yet, Constance.”
Another grunt. “You should start thinking about what you want for yourself one of these days—”
Olivia put up a hand. “Let's not spoil a lovely afternoon by going down that rabbit hole.”
“It's about to storm,” Constance said, dutifully changing the subject. As if manifested by her words, the sunlight disappeared and a rumble of thunder could be heard in the distance. She pursed her lips. “So I guess you're heading home to that feckless man-friend of yours. Clayton, wasn't it?”
“It's Troy.” Olivia tilted her head. “Clayton was last month.”
Constance rolled her eyes. “I'm going to start making a list so I can keep track.”
“It's not that bad,” Olivia protested. “Don't be dramatic.”
“If it's a lack of drama you want, you should lay off artists and musicians.” The shop owner sniffed. “You should be looking into more mature men like—”
“Your nephew Kyle—that pinnacle of malehood and maturity, or so I've heard.”
“It wouldn't kill you to at least meet the man one of these times.”
“And disappoint you when he fails to pique my interest?”
“You can't know that,” Constance said, exasperation in her tone.
Olivia arched a brow. “You said he's an engineer. And thirty years old. Could he sound any more exciting?”
“He's level-headed, has a great career—”
“And is such a catch that he's still single at his advanced age.”
“Don't get smart with me.”
Smirking, Olivia shrugged. “I've heard this before. It's all a retread.”
“That's what you get here in spades. Retro retread.”
Olivia patted her lightly on her head. “Let's keep the retro to home décor, shall we?”
Constance crossed her ample arms over her chest, her expression mulish. “I'm not kidding about the demand of mid-century inventory. You're going to have to find another access point if you want the good stuff. And grab one of those umbrellas by the door or you'll get yourself soaked to the skin.”

Kyle Daniels pressed himself against the brick storefront behind him, his body just inches out of the sudden downpour. The slight overhang of the building, however, failed to stop the rain from splashing onto his shoes. He frowned. The shoes were new—as were his pressed trousers, which were becoming speckled with moisture.
That ridiculous door jingle sounded and he peered through the sheet of rain to see a customer leaving the salvage shop, umbrella poised high over her head.
Not just any customer. He'd seen that white-blond hair and lithe figure before.
Olivia Haugen—the answer to all his dreams, according to Great Aunt Constance.
Kyle had caught a glimpse of her a few times—usually leaving the shop—and every time he saw her, his impression was the same. She was artsy, high-strung, and flighty.
And he hadn't even met the woman.
Just the way her pale hair floated around her face vexed him. How could she stand it getting in her eyes all the time? She drifted down the sidewalk in a vague, dreamy way—even in the rain. Didn't she realize she could trip on the broken sidewalk? Or get mugged by a stray criminal? She seemed completely unaware of her surroundings.
And when he saw her climb into a yellow and blue Mini Cooper, painted with the bold lettering of House Whisperer Inc., he had all the information he needed to come to a reasoned, logical conclusion.
She was a nonstarter.
A pointless pursuit.
Besides that, he knew in his gut that she'd never give him the time of day. He'd come in contact with females of her ilk before, and knew a meeting with her would be accompanied by an amused yet dismissive look coupled with the usual disdain for his attire. Madras shirts and Dockers apparently provoked rolled eyes and barely suppressed snickers. Kyle figured she'd go for the type of guy in skinny jeans and V-neck T-shirts that revealed a bony sternum.
And there would be hair gel. Lots of it.
Sorry, Aunt Constance. This dream of yours will just have to crawl into a corner somewhere and die.
It wasn't as if he were looking for a female. His job kept him too busy, and none of the women he'd ever met had interest in a mature, stable relationship. At least not the three women who worked in the automotive safety engineering department at the Nissan plant in Smyrna.
His mind flinched from the memory of the office lady who'd asked him out to a John Mayer concert because her favorite song was “Your Body Is A Wonderland.”
Talk about a nonstarter.
Right now he needed to perform his bimonthly check-in of his remaining next of kin.
Whether she liked it or not.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Suction Cup On Your Soul... by Michele Callahan

I know Thanksgiving is officially behind us, but I think it’s important to maintain that attitude of gratitude every day. Why? Because life is tough. People get sick. They die. They hurt and struggle and are in pain. We are all part of this dance called life, and if we don’t focus on the good things around us, it’s very easy to be pulled down into the mud. The mud is cold and dirty and sticky, and it’s like a suction cup on our souls, keeping us down. That mud is sadness, hate, guilt, fear…you get the idea.
I think reading a good book helps pull us out of the mud of life. It can make us feel happiness, contentment, love, and compassion. Romance novels, in particular, can fill us up in a way not many books do. Romance is the best of all worlds…adventure, suspense, forgiveness and true love.
So, in my attitude of gratitude today, I’m going to list the top 10 things I’m thankful for today. I’m going to leave out the usual suspects, because I think they’re a given; family, health, and home. I’m going for the simple pleasures in life, the things that make us sigh with contentment that perhaps we don’t even notice. Like…
1) Romance Novels
2) All books in general3) Coffee4) Puppies5) Hugs6) Friends|7) Chocolate8) Google9) My Laptop10) Comfy Shoes
What’s on your list of simple things that make you happy? 
Hugs & Happy Reading
Michele Callahan
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All I want for Christmas.... By S. E. Smith

All I want for Christmas....
By S. E. Smith

All I want for Christmas this year is... LOL. I know, as you get older that question seems to get harder and harder to find the answer to. This year, though, I have a lot to be thankful for. My daughter is expecting her second son this Friday so there will be a new baby for Christmas. So, the first thing I want is for her and the baby to be safe and healthy. It has been a difficult pregnancy for her and I have been very worried. It will be nice to know that she and the baby will finally be okay.

When I write my stories, I think about the things that are important to me. The biggest is family and friends. I love having my family around me during the holidays. Love and laughter are the essence of the holidays and I greedily wrap my arms around it when the kids come over. I find myself carrying on the traditions of my family, blending them with the traditions of my husband's, and mixing them with new ones that I am creating for my own children. What is amazing is watching my own children begin to do the same as they grow older.

This is the first Christmas since I have begun writing full time. This past year has been a time of learning, growing, and accepting the changes that have occurred in my life. I look forward to seeing what 2015 has to offer and am excited to see how my family and friends continue to grow and change, as well.

So, for this Christmas all I want is to say thank you to everyone who has believed in me and my stories. Thank you for sharing your lives with me, your wonderful stories, and opening your hearts and minds to my amazing characters. I hope to share many more with you in the next year.

I would love to hear what you would like for Christmas! Start with All I want for Christmas...

Happy Holidays,
aka S. E. Smith

Touching Rune: Heaven Sent Book 2 is a wonderful book that has a few Christmas surprises
in it.


Rune August embraces her life in New York City in 1894. She has lived again and again through many different time periods, but has never found tranquility until she walked into St. Agnes Home for Orphans. In her heart, she believes she has found a place she can call home. She will do everything she can to give the children in the orphanage a better life. When a developer sets his sights on the property she and the children call home, she doesn’t hesitate to fight back - and win. But that win comes at a terrible price... her life… casting her once again into the shadows.
Refusing to leave the children unprotected, she watches over and protects them in a different form… as the beloved statue in their center garden. But her time as the children’s guardian angel draws to a close when the orphanage is renovated. Rune finds herself packed away and sold. Her new home is now far away from the familiar streets of New York and the children she loves.
Sergei Vasiliev and his best friend and bodyguard, Dimitri Mihailov, run one of the most powerful computer software development companies in the world. Both men carry deep scars from their life on the streets and from living in the world of the ultra-rich. Sergei knows men want him for his power and women want him for his money. Dimitri knows that some men and women would do anything to gain the secrets their company is developing.
Their lives change when Sergei purchases a statue for their home outside of Moscow. There is something about the statue of the young woman that touches an unexpected need deep inside both of them.

An impulsive purchase and a simple wish will change their lives forever. For anyone who touches Rune learns that love and hope are what makes the world a better place. Can she warm the hearts of two bitter, scarred men before the last petal falls from the Christmas rose that grows in the garden that has become her new home or will she be forever frozen, destined to only love them from afar?

Now Available: Taming the Alpha Box Set with Taking on Tory: Magic, New Mexico 
Twenty-four year old Tory Carson is dying to get out of Magic, New Mexico and explore the world. She has spent her whole life cocooned in the protection of the close-knit community. When she finally gets a chance to go somewhere for three weeks, she would be crazy to say no. Even if her father is screaming it!

Simon Drayton is a reclusive billionaire who has reinvented himself over and over again through the centuries. He has temporarily settled his headquarters in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina.
He is used to taking what he wants. He has learned that wealth and power are potent motivators for those who are greedy. Confusion reigns when he sets his sights on a beautiful, young female who is oblivious to his power. After centuries of getting what he wants, he is shocked, and just a little bit fascinated, when he discovers that not all things are for sale.

Things heat up when the irritating, young ‘human’ woman refuses to play the game by his rules. She isn’t impressed with his wealth. She isn’t impressed with his looks. In fact, she acts like she isn’t impressed by anything he does, even when he flashes his teeth!

Find out what happens when a centuries old Werewolf discovers he isn’t the only creature who loves to bite.
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Touching Rune (Heaven Sent: Book 2)
            Excerpts of S. E. Smith Books
If you would like to read more S. E. Smith stories, she recommends Abducting Abby, the first in her Dragon Lords of Valdier Series
Or if you prefer a Paranormal or Time Travel with a twist, you can check out Lily’s Cowboys or Indiana Wild

S. E. Smith is a New York Times, USA TODAY and #1 International Amazon Bestselling author who has always been a romantic and a dreamer. An avid writer, she has spent years writing, although it has usually been technical papers for college. Now, she spends her days and weekends writing and her nights dreaming up new stories. An affirmed “geek,” she spends her days working on computers and other peripherals. She enjoys camping and traveling when she is not out on a date with her favorite romantic guy.

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